Civic engagement, information literacy and libraries

Get ready to do some thinking and reading!

For April’s journal club we are going to be looking at CILIP’s Definition of Information Literacy 2018. There are quite a lot of elements to it, but the bit I’d like to focus on this:

Importantly, information literacy is empowering, and is an important contributor to democratic, inclusive, participatory societies;

As a companion piece, I’m suggesting that you could also read the following article:

Yerbury, H., & Henninger, M. (2018). Civil Commitment and the Role of Public Librarians. In L. Roy, S. Spiranec, J. Boustany, S. Kurbanoglu, E. Grassian, & D. Mizrachi (Eds.), Communications in Computer and Information Science, volume 810 (pp. 376-385): Springer Cham.

The abstract is available here and if you have access to a suitable subscription you should be able to read the full text here.

I’ll be back with another post later in the month, in the mean time why don’t you read and think about how information literacy impacts democracy, and what the role of libraries and librarians might be. I’m looking forward to hearing everyone’s thoughts!

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