June News

You may have noticed that June is drawing to a close with no Journal Club post from me.

No excuses. Sure, I’ve been busy, but I’ve been busy before and I’ll be busy again.

To be honest, I was really hoping for more engagement from my fellow librarians and readers. I was hoping that someone would suggest an article, blog post or book chapter that inspired them so that we could all begin to learn from one another. This blog, and my “journal club”, is no fun as a solo activity. I like to chew over issues and write down my thoughts, but without responses from readers I feel a little bit like I’m shouting into the void. And I 100% know that I have a lot to learn and need input from a network of colleagues who have more experience than me, are exposed to different ideas, and have various skills and expertise to share.

And being really honest, much like a parent who is sick of being asked “what’s for dinner?” and having to decide what to cook every night, I’ve gotten a little fatigued from pushing myself to find readings that I think will be relevant and stimulating for my readers.

Ok. Rant over! So, if I haven’t been banging out a Journal Club entry, what have I been doing? Teaching myself R, as you do! I’ve recently been accredited as a Software and Data Carpentry Instructor, and I’ll be teaching part of the Introductory R stream at ResBaz Sydney.


Are you ResBaz-ing? Please come and say hi to me if you are! And look out for a ResBaz wrap up post coming soon…

In the mean time, you could get started on our reading material for Journal Club for July – we’re going to learn some things about Research Data Management. Thanks to @sshrubb¬†for the inspiration!

So what about you? Do you have any June news to share?

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