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February 2018

Article of the month:

Greenhill, K. & Miller, K. (2018). Iterative and incremental evaluation works for software development, but can it be good for student learning initiatives in Australian academic libraries? In Proceedings of VALA2018 19th Biennial Conference and Exhibition, Melbourne, Australia: VALA. Retrieved from

From Kathryn’s blog (with a practice video of the VALA presentation):

Additional reading:

Booth, C. (2011). Reflective teaching, effective learning: Instructional literacy for library educators. Chicago, IL: American Library Association.

March 2018

Article of the month:

Lowe, M. S., Maxson, B. K., Stone, S. M., Miller, W., Snajdr, E., & Hanna, K. (2018). The boolean is dead, long live the boolean! Natural language versus boolean searching in introductory undergraduate instruction. College & Research Libraries. Advance online publication. Retrieved from

April 2018

Article of the month:

Coonan, E., Geekie, J., Goldstein, S., Jeskins, L., Jones, R., Macrae-Gibson, R., Secker, J., & Walton, G. (2018). CILIP Definition of Information Literacy 2018. Retrieved from

Additional reading:

Yerbury, H., & Henninger, M. (2018). Civil Commitment and the Role of Public Librarians. In L. Roy, S. Spiranec, J. Boustany, S. Kurbanoglu, E. Grassian, & D. Mizrachi (Eds.), Communications in Computer and Information Science, volume 810 (pp. 376-385): Springer Cham.

May 2018

Article of the month:

Robertson, S. (2018). Exploring the efficacy of training and development for liaison librarians at Deakin University, Australia. Journal of Higher Education Policy and Management, 40(2), 107-120. doi:10.1080/1360080X.2018.1426370

July 2018

Books of the month:

Briney, K. (2015). Data management for researchers: organize, maintain and share your data for research success. Exeter, UK: Pelagic Publishing.

Borgman, C. L. (2015). Big data, little data, no data: scholarship in the networked world. Cambridge, Mass.: The MIT Press.